DNV Certification

Poly Flex gains (DNV) Det Norske Veritas“Type Approval”

Australian Company, Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd, located in Brisbane, Queensland are manufacturers of Engine Mounting Systems and Shaft Couplings, suitable for the Marine, Industrial, Agricultural, Defence & Mining Industries.

Det Norske Veritas is a Norwegian based classification society that in the industry is referred to as DNV, a well respected leader of manufacturing procedures and standards that is accepted by class approval societies and approving bodies world wide.

Poly Flex have achieved DNV “Type Approval” for the Couplings and Engine Mount range, after extensive testing, inspection and reporting procedures. This now qualifies Poly Flex product to move from DNV product certification on a project basis to Type Approval for the product range. Poly Flex strives for excellence in design and performance, either in survey or not, the quality and standard of our vibration control product is now accepted world wide with the added assurance of DNV “Type Approval”.

The reason behind Poly Flex’s push for DNV “Type Approval”

There is a growing demand for the best proof of compliance with product quality standards.

Today, manufacturers, exporters and importers are faced with growing demands for proof of compliance with product quality standards. These are standards, which have originated from more and more emphasis being placed on human health, safety of the environment and consumers’ rights. 

Likewise, strict liability legislation has emerged posing significant economic problems for the same parties in cases where adequate proof of quality cannot be demonstrated. 

Why DNV Type Approval? 

In order to meet the need for documented product quality, DNV offers the marine and general industry Type Approval of products and systems. 

DNV Type Approval ensures that systems and components are fit for their purpose, tested and approved in accordance with DNV rules and proven international recognised standards. 

Based on huge operational experience from ships, rigs and industry, DNV has gained knowledge through Type Approval in order to improve Rules. 

DNV Type Approval of product, product groups, or systems is an important step in fulfilling market expectations by:

  • Standardising 
  • Effective use of resources 
  • Ensuing fitness for use 
  • Cost efficiency